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Below is a list of SWIFT Code or BIC Code or SWIFT-BIC Code or SWIFT Numbers. BIC codes (ISO 9362) can be found by filtering by country, bank, and city. The Business Identifier Code (BIC) is an ISO-recognized standard format for wire transfers that consists of 11 characters. The first four characters of a Swift Code will indicate the bank in a short code, the fifth and sixth characters will indicate the country iso2, the seventh and eighth letters will indicate the location where the bank is located, and the last three letters will indicate the branch code, which is optional ('XXX' for head office).
Find Bank Branch SWIFT Code using the below Lists.
Find Bank Branch SWIFT Code.

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Country wise Swift Code Details

Search for BIC/BEI Numbers of respective financial/non financial institution of 1,01,000+ branch across 229 countries which are made available below.